COD Black Ops 2 Hack

Black Ops 2 What Happens When You Prestige

Online COD Black OPS 2 Hack

What Happens When You Prestige In Black Ops 2

Hello Heros do you wonder what happens when you prestige in Black Ops 2 well I’m here to show you what happens. You get three options when you choose to prestige in Black Ops 2.
1. Choose another create a class
2. Receive all your unlock tokens back at any point in the prestige
3. Rest all stats, weapons, and challenges.
You also get to keep one item of your choosing to keep throughout your prestiges.
I choose to reset my stats to see what would actually happen. Be sure to like and favorite it you likes it an learned something, And be sure to stay tuned for more Black Ops 2 gameplays. Also follow me on Twitter.

Online COD Black OPS 2 Hack

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